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Nox ML10 Luxury SHOTGUN 18K 2024 Miguel Lamperti
Nox ML10 Luxury SHOTGUN 18K 2024 - Miguel Lamperti

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Designed with Miguel Lamperti for the 2024 season for all those players looking for maximum aggressiveness in their attacking shots with a diamond-shaped blade format. New mold and new technologies for you to feel today the paddle of the future. And of course, with the classic NOX HR3 rubber, the one preferred by the Canoso from Bahia Blanca.

More balance, more speed

The edges of the profiles have been profiled to increase aerodynamics, the grip has been lengthened to facilitate grip, but what stands out most is the incorporation of EOS Flap technology, side perforations designed to increase the manageability of the racket and distribute the weight distribution so that you have a fast and lethal racket in your hands.

Comfortable, solid and reliable

The new Shotgun maintains the combination of materials of its predecessors, 18K carbon fiber and the classic NOX HR3 rubber, Miguel Lamperti's favorite. An intermediate and very familiar feel for all those players who are followers of our blades.

Less vibrations, more grip

The handle of the racket is the point of union between your body and your racket and for this reason we have also paid special attention to this area of the racket. On the one hand, we have incorporated the Pulse System technology, two bands designed to absorb vibrations.


Shape Diamond
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3
Frame 100% carbon
Face Carbon 18K
Control 9/10
Power 10/10
Nox ML10 Luxury SHOTGUN 18K 2024 - Miguel Lamperti
EGP 17000
EGP 13999
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